Kim Wilson - Professional Speaker & Relationship Coach

Who is Kim Wilson?

I love feeling happy. I love being “enthusiastic” me. My parents did a wonderful job of raising me with love. Because of that love, I always felt confident as a full-figured individual. That amazing love has also connected me to amazing relationships throughout my life.

What qualifies Kim to work with my company or me?

My education in human behavior and training as a licensed therapist influence my ability to offer creative keynote speeches and workshops. Audiences connect to my presentation style. As a result, they leave feeling motivated and empowered.

What is Kim’s favorite thing to do?

I enjoy listening to music. I will listen to anything that makes me feel good. As I type this sentence, I’m enjoying “Building a Mystery” by Sarah McLachlan. Tomorrow morning, I may get started with a little Shirley Caesar! I know, what a musical range, right?

Why is Kim in business?

I love to see people operate with excellence in their workspace and personal relationships. I want to be a part of the solution by helping corporations and individuals to build healthy relationships via workshops, seminars and keynote speeches.

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