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The Ultimate You

Since we are at the beginning of 2017, many people offer the greeting, “Happy New Year!” In order to have a “happy year,” it helps to work towards being the “Ultimate You.”  Want to be an ultimate you? Here’s what I suggest: Embrace love, because love wins. Loving yourself and others will prevent a lot [...]

Popping with Patience

Before we get the chance to enjoy popcorn, we have to wait for it to transform from being an un-popped kernel to a popped puff. The kernel has to endure a certain amount of pressure before the hull breaks open. After the kernel has put in all that hard work, we get to enjoy popcorn. [...]

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Royal Hats

Royal Hats In some circles, hats represent power and authority.  The queen of England often adorns her head with a hat. When the military serves the country in combat, a hat is worn to protect their head. When firemen extinguish fires, a hat is worn for protection. Ultimately, the head is covered and protected because [...]

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Being Offended

When someone feels offended, they feel angry, hurt or disappointed about what has been said or done to them. When a person does not AGREE with the words or actions of the offender, the feelings of “being offended” are intensified.  By the time you feel offended, you have taken the matter personally.  Here’s the thing [...]

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My Boss Dislikes Me!

What do you do when you are convinced that your boss does not like you? To work for someone that does not like you can create tension in the workplace. Here’s my question, does your boss respect you? It’s one thing for someone not to like you, but it’s another for them to make a [...]

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