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The Ultimate You

Since we are at the beginning of 2017, many people offer the greeting, “Happy New Year!” In order to have a “happy year,” it helps to work towards being the “Ultimate You.”  Want to be an ultimate you? Here’s what I suggest: Embrace love, because love wins. Loving yourself and others will prevent a lot [...]

Popping with Patience

Before we get the chance to enjoy popcorn, we have to wait for it to transform from being an un-popped kernel to a popped puff. The kernel has to endure a certain amount of pressure before the hull breaks open. After the kernel has put in all that hard work, we get to enjoy popcorn. [...]

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Royal Hats

Royal Hats In some circles, hats represent power and authority.  The queen of England often adorns her head with a hat. When the military serves the country in combat, a hat is worn to protect their head. When firemen extinguish fires, a hat is worn for protection. Ultimately, the head is covered and protected because [...]

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