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Relationships are impactful and exist everywhere you go. You get to decide whether or not your relationships will serve as a solution or problem in your life. This podcast offers information, tips and resources to building health relationships on a personal and professional level.

Episode 41: 5 Ways to Avoid Family Conflict During Thanksgiving

Many people look forward to gathering with family members during Thanksgiving. However, there are also people who dread the holiday because of family tension and poor family ties. Thanksgiving can feel like an emotionally loaded battlefield for some people. This podcast offers five powerful tips to help avoid family conflict during Thanksgiving.

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Episode 40: How to Overcome Loneliness

As we approach the holiday season, it’s not uncommon for people to experience loneliness. The dictionary defines loneliness as “being without company; cut off from others; not frequented by human beings; sad from being alone. I’m using Webster's definition to unpack this topic. NOTIFICATION ALERT! Register for upcoming live webinar here:

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Episode 39: 4 Strategies to Manage Anger

Anger is a feeling of displeasure. There’s nothing wrong with feeling angry; it’s a valid emotion. It's not beneficial to stay angry too long. It's our responsibility to monitor how we respond or use anger. This powerful podcast offers four strategies to help manage anger.

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Episode 36: 5 Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills

Every person in a leadership position comes from a relationship. Whether we were raised by parents, grandparents, or in foster care, our environment taught us something about relating to others. What you learned impacts the way you lead your household, your business, your marriage and friendships. Solid relationships are about connecting with others. I’m unpacking this topic today by offering 5 tips that will strengthen your leadership skills.

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Episode 35: The Masks We Wear

Wearing a mask can be exhausting! It can also prevent us from building authentic relationships with others. This powerful episode offers two powerful tips on how to remove a mask.

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Episode 32: Moving On & Letting Go

Moving on and letting go can be difficult. This podcast offers tips on how to move on from empty relationships and the past.

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