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Relationships are impactful and exist everywhere you go. You get to decide whether or not your relationships will serve as a solution or problem in your life. This podcast offers information, tips and resources to building health relationships on a personal and professional level.

Episode 51: 7 Truths About the Other Side of Success

Many people want success and work very hard to achieve it. People commonly define success by their bank account balance and assets. Success is also about being consistently happy. Success can be having healthy relationships with your family and others. Here’s the thing, for some people, once they arrive at “Success” by means of money, they are shocked at what they find on the other side of that success. This podcast offers a perspective to dealing with the other side of success.

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Episode 50: “Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner” | How to Let Your Light Shine

In the film “Dirty Dancing,” the character Johnny, played by Patrick Swayze, invites himself to an event where his love interest Jennifer Grey as “Baby” is seated in a corner while at a table with her parents. Johnny goes up to the table and states, “Nobody puts baby in a corner.” In my opinion, It’s Johnny way of saying, “Baby shouldn't be hidden and tucked away because she’s special. She is meant to shine like a star.” This podcast illuminates ways for you to allow your light to shine.

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Episode 49: Part 2 – Toxic Workplaces

What does a toxic workplace look like? Chaos and disorder. Toxic workplaces invite narcissistic individuals, bullying, vindictive behaviors, drama and stress. In Episode 49, I asked, "Do you LOVE your job? Do you love your career path?" In this podcast, I’m asking, "Why do people choose to stay in a toxic workplace?" Mentioned resources in the podcast: Book 1 by Shaun King, "The Power of 100!" | Book 2: "The Power of I Am" by Joel Osteen

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Episode 48: Part 1 – 6 Strategies to Improve Toxic Workplaces

Do you LOVE your job? Do you love your career path? Your answer to those two questions are very important because it can impact your role of making the workplace toxic. Typically, when we discuss dysfunctional relationships, personal relationships come to mind. However, the workplace can be a breeding ground for dysfunctional relationships as well. People go to work everyday with a sense of dread because they dislike their boss, co-workers or job responsibilities. Some people spend more time at work than with their families. If you deal with emotional harassment, fault-finding, backstabbing or cut-throating on a daily basis, it can be absolutely exhausting! This powerful podcast offers encouragement and strategies for dealing with toxic workplaces.

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Episode 47: 4 Tools to Power Up Your Relationships

Just like a cellphone, relationships must be powered up to work. This charged up podcast delivers four tools to help you keep your relationships functioning on a healthy level. Resources mentioned in podcast: Discussion on “Family Roles” cited from Real Relationships by Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott

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Episode 46: 5 Ways to Change Your Life

Life will always offer change. Our age, body, thoughts and feelings will all change with time. Many times, when we feel stuck and unfulfilled, it’s because change is needed in one or more areas of our life. In this podcast, I offer five ways to create change in your life. At the end of the podcast, I give details about an upcoming live event where I will be speaking. Click the following link for more information and registration:

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Episode 45: Freddie Allen on the Power of “Just 3 Words”

Words are powerful. Words can heal or hurt. Mr. Freddie Allen is an entrepreneur, author, and owner of publishing company, FHA Books, LLC. He recently wrote a book titled “Just 3 Words.” The book is comprised of three-word phrases that promote positive, inspirational, and encouraging affirmations that can be life changing. In this episode, Freddie breaks down how to be intentional on sharing three words that impact people in a powerful way. Find out more about Freddie at Follow Freddie on Twitter @FHABooks.

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Episode 44: Get Fit in 2019 with Moses Carroll

We are at the beginning of 2019 and many people are creating New Year Resolutions. One of the top resolutions is losing weight. Losing weight is more than dropping pounds. To help us unpack this topic, meet Fitness Trainer Moses Carrol, the owner of M.C. Healthcare and Fit Squad Studios. He created a studio space to provide free and affordable fitness classes to the Atlanta community. His mission is to build a better health & wellness network across the Metro Atlanta Area. Check out Moses at He can also be reached at 404-454-1066 or 504-975-0777.

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Episode 42: Four Ways to Have an Amazing Holiday

We are in the midst of the 2018 holiday season. Some people are feeling festive and cheerful. They have created lists and checked them twice! There are also individuals experiencing the “holiday blues.” The holiday blues can be triggered by someone not get something they want, such as the presence of a deceased love one, family, love, acceptance, success, etc. This powerful podcast offers 4 ways to experience joy and happiness during the holiday season.

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