overcoming betrayal

Moving past betrayal can be tough; however, you can do it. Betrayal means that a level of trust has been broken. Betrayal can come through infidelity, rejection, abuse, lying, stealing, withholding or disclosing important information, etc. It hurts to discover that someone has not been loyal to you.

You have the power to overcome betrayal. Here’s the good news …betrayal will always offer you a lesson. Betrayal will teach you something about yourself and the other person. Since betrayal offers you information, you can make a better decision going forward. If you’ve been betrayed, you get to choose how you will use the experience to your good.

How do you move past betrayal?

  1. Let go of being angry. Anger is fear and indicates an absence of love. Anger will prevent you from receiving important cues and messages.
  2. Avoid payback. When someone hits you, it may be a natural reaction to hit back. Remember the maxim, “Hurt people…hurt other people.” Plotting revenge on how you will betray someone the way they betrayed you, only hurts you. Payback requires other negative emotions, which blocks peace and happiness.
  3. Pair up with someone who has overcome betrayal. You need to hear a language of healing. Avoid people who want to join you in a pity party-it keeps you stuck in the pain. Be aware that wounded people may find comfort in your hurt.
  4. Trust strategically: trust the process of life. Trust that life will always give you cues and red flags to help you make great decisions about trusting people.
  5. Forgive the wrongdoer in your heart. In order to make room for peace, you have to get rid of resentment.

You are powerful and can overcome betrayal. The choice belongs to you. Remember, the experience of betrayal will always offer a lesson. Once you discover the lesson, you’ll realize you are more AMAZING than ever as you are stronger and wiser