The ultimate you

Since we are at the beginning of 2017, many people offer the greeting, “Happy New Year!” In order to have a “happy year,” it helps to work towards being the “Ultimate You.”  Want to be an ultimate you? Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Embrace love, because love wins. Loving yourself and others will prevent a lot of stress and heartache. Loving yourself means you don’t allow others to treat you bad; you don’t treat others awful either. Love is in your actions, word choice, tone of voice, and gestures. Loving yourself and others lays the ground for healthy relationships on a romantic level, family level and in the workplace.
  2. Embrace gratitude. If you keep a mindset of gratitude, you will appreciate your heartbeat. Gratitude helps you to remember all the “haves” (i.e. a heartbeat, breath, life) instead of the “have nots.” If you have a heartbeat, you’ve been given the choice to dwell on the problem or work towards a solution.
  3. Smile and laugh! Many people go through their day without smiling and laughing. Do you love to see kids smiling, laughing and playing? Well, kids love to see adults smiling, laughing and playing as well. Adults who smile and laugh position themselves to make balanced decisions out of love and fairness, instead of anger and spite.
  4. Participate in regular forgiveness. Forgiveness is powerful. It keeps you disconnected from negative feelings such as anger and bitterness. Forgiveness does not make you weak or a softy. You can forgive someone and make a decision not to deal with them anymore; especially if your happiness is disrupted whenever you interact with that person or group of people.
  5. Stay connected to positive people. It’s one thing to spend time alone; it’s another to isolate from others. Social isolation puts people on a road to depression. The human experience offers the language of love, encouragement and healing.

Repeating steps 1-5 daily leads to happiness. Happiness is a choice. Every time I think about Mattie Stepanik, I’m inspired to be the “ultimate” me.  Being the “Ultimate Kim” is about me loving my round body while working towards a healthier one, loving others with my words and actions and surrounding myself with positive people. Essentially, “The Ultimate You” is also about when others go low, you “go high!” Here’s to an AMAZING 2017. Onward, upward and beyond!