The Ultimate You

Since we are at the beginning of 2017, many people offer the greeting, “Happy New Year!” In order to have a “happy year,” it helps to work towards being the “Ultimate You.”  Want to be an ultimate you? Here’s what I suggest: Embrace love, because love wins. Loving yourself and others will prevent a lot [...]

Popping with Patience

Before we get the chance to enjoy popcorn, we have to wait for it to transform from being an un-popped kernel to a popped puff. The kernel has to endure a certain amount of pressure before the hull breaks open. After the kernel has put in all that hard work, we get to enjoy popcorn. [...]

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Overcoming Betrayal

Moving past betrayal can be tough; however, you can do it. Betrayal means that a level of trust has been broken. Betrayal can come through infidelity, rejection, abuse, lying, stealing, withholding or disclosing important information, etc. It hurts to discover that someone has not been loyal to you. You have the power to overcome betrayal. [...]

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What’s in the Way?

What’s in the Way? Healthy relationships create peace, joy and comfort. For me, what makes a relationship a slam dunk is when I feel loved, can belt out a gut busting laugh and be myself.  For the most part, new relationships are fueled with a certain energy that leaves us feeling giddy, engaged and happy. [...]

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