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What’s in the Way?

What’s in the Way? Healthy relationships create peace, joy and comfort. For me, what makes a relationship a slam dunk is when I feel loved, can belt out a gut busting laugh and be myself.  For the most part, new relationships are fueled with a certain energy that leaves us feeling giddy, engaged and happy. [...]

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Royal Hats

Royal Hats In some circles, hats represent power and authority.  The queen of England often adorns her head with a hat. When the military serves the country in combat, a hat is worn to protect their head. When firemen extinguish fires, a hat is worn for protection. Ultimately, the head is covered and protected because [...]

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Being Offended

When someone feels offended, they feel angry, hurt or disappointed about what has been said or done to them. When a person does not AGREE with the words or actions of the offender, the feelings of “being offended” are intensified.  By the time you feel offended, you have taken the matter personally.  Here’s the thing [...]

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My Boss Dislikes Me!

What do you do when you are convinced that your boss does not like you? To work for someone that does not like you can create tension in the workplace. Here’s my question, does your boss respect you? It’s one thing for someone not to like you, but it’s another for them to make a [...]

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Poor Mother-Daughter Relationships – How to Make it Amazing!

If you are a woman, you are a daughter. Your first relationship with a woman was established in your mother’s womb. In order to go from fetus to infant, nourishment is necessary. As human beings, when we are nourished emotionally, that means somebody makes a huge deposit of love into us; this creates an opportunity [...]

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Intentional Love Matters

Love wins! Recent events have many people feeling frustrated and angry. The problems have been identified. The solution involves each of us making sure our actions are created in love.  Love starts in the home, regardless of race and gender.  Hate is learned. If we can learn to hate, we can learn to love. [...]

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Moving on After Infidelity

Remember the story of the three little pigs? The wolf was not able to “huff and puff” and blow down the house that was made of bricks. Trust reminds me of bricks.  It is important and necessary if you’re going to build a healthy relationship with someone. When infidelity occurs between two people, [...]

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