pop with patience

Before we get the chance to enjoy popcorn, we have to wait for it to transform from being an un-popped kernel to a popped puff. The kernel has to endure a certain amount of pressure before the hull breaks open. After the kernel has put in all that hard work, we get to enjoy popcorn.  Many of us want what we want NOW! Patience is a beautiful quality to have because when things don’t go as planned, it helps us to persevere.

If you’re single and find yourself longing for a mate, here’s my question to you: If you meet someone, will the person get to enjoy you like nice flavored popcorn or will they find a hard kernel that has not worked out issues of pain, bitterness, selfishness, low self-esteem or insecurity? If so, get busy on becoming AMAZING. If you want to date, marry or hang out with an AMAZING person, YOU need to be what your heart is requesting. Be patient with yourself. Many women watch the clock and think the following:

“I’m a failure because I’m not in a relationship.”

“I’ll settle for him/her because nobody else pays attention to me.”

“I’m going to grow old by myself.”

“I’m tired of feeling lonely.”

“I’m tired of doing ‘this’ by myself.”

All of the above thoughts are examples of fear.  It’s being afraid nobody will want you; being afraid of being alone; being afraid of what others are thinking about you because you’re not in a relationship.  Love replaces fear. When you learn to love you and take advantage of all the wonderful offerings of this world, your heart and mind connects to joy.  Just because you don’t have everything you want today, does not mean it will not come tomorrow or next year. One of my favorite quotes are “Delayed not denied.”

Make a choice to pop with patience. Remember, AMAZING people build AMAZING relationships!