confidence matters

I’ve learned that confidence serves at the best mode of protection from nay-sayers and negative thinkers. I love feeling and wearing my confidence. It makes me feel like I can do anything and get through any situation. I’ve been a big girl my whole life. I’ve learned to strut in and out of a room of people because of confidence.

Confidence starts in my head. It’s all about what I believe about me. What do you believe about you? The answer to that question is very important because if that blank is left open, you may believe all negative opinions that are made about you. And those opinions may shape how you think of yourself, what you deserve to have, where you deserve to go and whom you can be with.

Believing in yourself starts in your mind. If you look and listen close enough, you’ll find one person in this life that believes in you too. It may be a teacher, family member, neighbor or co-worker. There’s somebody around that stands ready to help you exercise your confidence muscle. If you’re convinced there is nobody, I offer these words to you:

Hello, my name is Kim Wilson. Thank you for reading my blog today. From this day forward, please know I believe in you. I believe in you because you have a heartbeat. Everything under the sun that lives has a purpose. I’ve created this blog space for you and others to feed your heart and mind will all the love and support you need. You may feast off this blog for as many times necessary.

Want to increase your self-confidence?

  • Make note of all your positive character traits (kind, detail oriented, loving, honest, etc.).
  • Make note of what you do well: anything from solving math problems to painting to cooking or great handwriting…if you can do it, make note of it. Whatever do you well, put the energy into being AMAZING at it.
  • Look your best! If you feel good on the inside, look good on the outside. Don’t be afraid to highlight your personal style; whether you like to dress up or casual…flaunt it!
  • If you’re a woman, get a good bra! Yes, I said it. You’d be surprised how much power a good fitting bra can impact your confidence level. Men, feel free to gently suggest this tip to the women in your life if needed.
  • Think positive. Act Positive.

Ultimately, when you increase your confidence level, the quality of your relationships with others will improve. You’ll enjoy your relationships better.  With confidence, when you are around people, instead of thinking, “I wish I was more like that.” You’ll smile and think, “I am that…and more…I’m amazing me.”