Kim Wilson has served in the mental health field for over ten years. She is a Licensed Therapist through the state of Georgia and owner of Wilson Professional Counseling & Consulting.  Kim Wilson has a passion for helping people to build strong relationships with themselves and others. Kim is a dynamic speaker and workshop facilitator with experiences in delivering powerful messages on building solid personal and professional relationships, work-life balance, leadership and effective communication. Kim Wilson is a professional speaker who does not disappoint. She is known for keeping audiences engaged with her colorful personality that is layered with authenticity and enthusiasm.

Mission & Vision

It is the mission of Kim Wilson Speaks (KWS) to make an impact among individuals and organizations through the use of powerful storytelling and counseling insights. Helping groups of people understand that the relationship with oneself is the defining feature of the relationships we have with the world around us. Building alliances to help inspire the masses and develop a higher level of Happiness, Love, and Understanding throughout all our lives.

To be the lightning rod of positive change in a world where many have lost sight of how Amazing they are and what they are truly capable of. Providing professionals and students everywhere the tools and understanding to create long-lasting happiness, no matter what their life’s external circumstances may be. Ultimately creating a ripple effect of strength within families, businesses, communities, and the world over.